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Discovering Your Dream

Imagine you are an explorer, and you set out to make a new discovery that no one in the world has ever found before. When you uncover that special place or you find something that’s been hidden for ages, you are so incredibly happy about your good fortune! This is what you’ve been looking for all along! Then, it dawns on you - what you found has always been there, just waiting to be discovered. That’s the way it is with our dreams. We each have within us a dream waiting - and wanting - to come true. All we must do is awaken to it.


Designing & Testing Your Dream

Sometimes, when an explorer makes a discovery, it’s so incredible that they can’t believe it’s real, or they doubt that they were the one who was supposed to find it. And yet, they did because it was indeed theirs to find - otherwise, it would not have been visible to them in the first place. People often feel that way about their dreams. The very thought of what they would love fills them with high energy, but they aren’t sure they can have it. The truth is: you can have it, because you dreamed it up! We only have one life to live and we are not promised tomorrow. If all we have is now, why not choose to live a life you love? The question isn’t whether you are worthy of the dream. Here’s the real question: is this dream worthy of YOU? 


Increasing Your Deserving

When we begin moving in the direction of a new dream, a couple of things happen. First, Infinite Intelligence steps in to support us with resources we didn’t realize we had available, because our dream is an expression of Infinite Intelligence that wants to be fulfilled. Then, something else that happens is our thoughts turn to, “Wait a minute. Who am I to deserve this dream?” That is the part of us that would have us keep things status quo in our comfort zone. Remember, though, when you tested your dream, you realized that this dream requires you to expand, and it requires help from a deeper power within you. We were created from the mind of the Infinite, and by virtue of that - we ARE deserving of whatever we can dream up. Knowing that and believing that are two different things - but, the more you believe, the faster and easier you will realize your dream. 


Briending Your Fear

You are building a wonderful dream! With your Vision Statement as your blueprint, you are beginning to move from where you are now to where you would love to be. You may have noticed that between here and there is a gap. We are moving into the Bridging Phase of DreamBuilding, in which we identify potential challenges and distractions you may find along the way to your dream - and we will practice navigating that gap. One obstacle everyone encounters when they embark on something new is fear. Part of bridging that gap is realizing that fear does not have to stop you from your dreams. In fact, it is a companion who comes with you! You have within you the power to redirect your energy and attention to advance confidently in the direction of your dream. 


Welcoming a Greater Flow of Abundance

As we are navigating the gap between our current life and the life we’d love to live, another challenge we encounter is a feeling of lack and scarcity, with thoughts like, “Do I really have what it takes to do this? Do I have the financial support and know the right people to get this done?” Remember, where we focus our attention is what grows, so if we look at our situation and think we don’t have enough, we get to be right. On the other hand, when we shift perception to a more expansive awareness of abundance, we get to be right about that, too. The truth is: we live in an abundant Universe that wants us to have what we desire. There are certain thoughts and behaviors - that are actually universal laws - that you can practice that support you in attracting more of what you think you’re lacking. 



Evolving Your Perceptions

Part of bridging the gap between the life you’re living now and the life you’d love to live is recognizing that there are pieces of your past that you cannot carry forward with you. In fact, oftentimes we don’t realize we are holding onto something that is actually holding us back. We must be willing to let go of thoughts and feelings from circumstances that contributed to feelings of anger and resentment, because harboring those feelings uses up energy that we could be using to build our dreams. We accomplish this transformation through the practice of forgiveness. You have a history, but you are not your history, and it does not determine your destiny. As you release the past, you’ll discover you have more freedom for your future. 


Evolving Your Perceptions Part 2

Generating a more empowering mindset by evolving our perceptions is so vital to the DreamBuilding process -- and to your dreams -- that we are investing two weeks in this practice. We have been expanding our awareness of the places in our life where we may hold resentment or hurt feelings, and how those energies take up space in us that could be better utilized. As we exercise letting go of specific situations, we may notice that some circumstances are easier to release and others are more rigorous. The more we practice forgiveness, the more we understand how powerful it is, because we move out of the contraction of victimhood and into the expansion of personal authority. In this way, forgiveness is a gift you give yourself.


Listening to the Still, Small Voice

You are being guided, even if you may not consciously realize it, while you are advancing in the direction of your dream, befriending your fear and offering compassion and forgiveness. When you first asked yourself, “What would I love?” in each area of your life, and you paused to write down responses, you were actually listening to the still, small voice. Your intuition, your inner knowing, your connection to the Power that breathes you, is available to lead you if you are willing to hear from it. This voice is a valuable part of building your dream, because when you are in tune with it, it will never lead you astray.


Harnessing Your Power of Believing

It has been said that two minds are greater than one, and when it comes to building your dream, it is beneficial to have the support of someone else who understands the way the DreamBuilding process works. In the midst of advancing in the direction of the life we’d love, we will bump up against naysayers and negative situations that generate doubt, worry, or fear in us, causing us to wonder if we can do what we set out to do. We begin to lose belief in ourselves. When that happens, it is useful to have someone to talk to who can remind us who we are, and that we are deserving of this dream. And most of all, that they believe in us and our dream. 


Harnessing Your Power of Believing Part 2

Belief is powerful. In fact, it is so powerful and important for building your dreams, that we are investing a second week in developing your capacity to harness your power of believing. Some of what we believe about ourselves and our surroundings is unconscious, because it was programmed into us as children. However, we each have a magnificent tool that we can use to influence our beliefs and our results - and that is our THINKING. We can learn to direct our thinking in alignment with what we would love in our life and thereby generate new insights and ideas in service of our dreams. 



Turning the Triggers into Stepping Stones

No one has ever done anything perfectly the first time they tried, and probably not the second or third or fourth time either. And that’s okay, because as you recall from testing your dream, building a dream requires effort and growth, or it wouldn’t be a dream. In the DreamBuilding process, you are looking for progress, not perfection. We learn by getting things right, and by NOT getting things right. What matters is what we do with the experience of failure. Many people give up in frustration and anger after failing at something repeatedly - and that is the worst thing they could do, especially if they still would love to have the result they’re trying to attain. 


Harvesting The Dream

DreamBuilding is a process. It is a proven, reliable, repeatable system of transformation that supports you in discovering, defining, and designing a life you love. It starts with the empowering question, “What would I love?” And from that point, you may find that you move in and out and through the phases multiple times for blueprinting and bridging and building your dream. And that means, the work we do inside these lessons is never complete. We will continue to grow and learn and experiment in new ways, because Life itself is ever seeking freer, fuller expression by means of you and your dreams. The best part of DreamBuilding is more than achieving your dream - it’s who you become in the process.

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